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Counting my Blessings…

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Snow, cold, grumpy kids, work to do…. what is there to be happy about?

  • Hearing my husband’s breathing while he slept next to me.
  • The cat that greeted me this morning with a snuggle and a purr.
  • How pretty the snow looks from inside the house.
  • The scent of freshly made hot chocolate… and the yummy gooiness of melting marshmallows in it.
  • Knowing that my Dad is seriously thinking about moving to our area by the end of the summer and will finally get to build a relationship with his grandchildren. 🙂
  • Not losing my temper with my younger sister when she called me at an inconvenient moment.
  • Knowing that I have friends who are praying for me and my family.

My goal is to find at least one good thing a day to think about that makes me smile or feel better.  There’s too much nay-saying and negativity in this world.  Why should I add to it unnecessarily?


Written by Rhyselle

February 7, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Posted in Family, Self

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